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Conversation Pieces

Thursday 23 January
15.00 – 16.30
National Gallery, London

From astonishment to anger and rage to ridicule, the artists and paintings in this tour have ignited what must have been the liveliest of discussions. What was so radical about Masaccio? Who was showing off more, Titian or his patron? Why did Turner need to complete his most famous masterpiece so quickly, and if Cezanne had tried a bit harder would his work have caused quite such a row? Charting the course of Western art history with their own unique stories, the conversations surrounding these works have lost none of their allure – especially when mixed with some Beyond the Palette sparkle! Get your year off to a flying start and come and join in.

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Is there something about art that you have always been curious about, or perhaps there is an artist, artistic style, theme or epoch that fascinates you? If your interest falls into the category of Western Art between 1250 and 1900, why not get in touch and I would be delighted to curate a tour just for you. Alternatively, we could put our heads together to give a friend, relative or loved one a unique gift they’d always remember.

Current tours:

Wonder Women

Come and revel in the commanding presence of two extraordinary female artists and unpick the code a third has left for us in her gorgeously detailed still life. Fewer than 1% of paintings in the National Gallery are by women; join me to see how this talented yet under celebrated minority hold their own against some of the strongest and most iconic depictions of the female gender painted by their more famous male counterparts. N.B. this tour contains a fabulous double chin!

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A romp through the early works from the 14th to the 16th century

Enter a world of saints and the occasional sinner. Most art pre-1500 was for the church but, my, was it lavish, fascinating and often gorgeous. Learn to recognise individual saints, understand why Jesus was seldom depicted as cute and rejoice in an abundance of gold. And the sinner? Shall we just say that not all art was religious?

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A romp through the later works from the 17th century to the 20th century

Starting with the genius of Rubens, we will be seduced by the art of the baroque, stopping to admire perhaps the most lovely bottom in the gallery, before dissecting an early selfie and unravelling a secret code or two. Like all good stories, this one has a twist at the end that will force us to question everything we’ve learnt about art.

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Greek Mythology

There’s nothing like a good party, and Bacchus has to be the ultimate host, whereas Medusa always reduces even the most raucous gathering to stony silence. Many works in the gallery derive from Greek Mythology, and for centuries the lively narration of stories such as these was the ultimate art form. Expect plenty of drama, passion and the occasional satyr.

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Perspective in Focus

Why didn’t western artists really use perspective before the Renaissance era? Why did it become central to the way paintings were produced during and after the Renaissance, and what is perspective anyway? These questions and more are explored through some of the gallery’s most iconic works with wit, humour and a dollop of algebra so tiny as to be almost imperceptible.

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Fabulous Flesh

From voluptuous goddesses to a cheeky flash of muscular male gluteus maximus, flesh is on display everywhere in the gallery. We will explore the erotic, the confusing and often downright weird offerings that artists have come up with over the centuries, sometimes all within the same picture!

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All advertised tours last approximately an hour and 30 minutes and costs start at £35 per person for a group of eight. To make a booking, please click one of the links below. If you would prefer to discuss your requirements, please contact Lynne at, or via the ‘contact’ page HERE.

Please note that once confirmed, all tours are non-refundable, however, you can change the date and time of your booking up to 24 hours in advance. In the unlikely event that a tour is cancelled by Beyond the Palette, the opportunity to select an alternative date or the offer of a full refund will be given.